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[It's been quite a while since the last time Veronica posted on the network.... though something was amiss. This time, instead of a video, it's just text.]

If anyone was friends with Juniper Woods, and doesn't know yet, she disappeared a while ago. I'm pretty sure she's gone home, since I can't get an answer from her Pokegear..

[That was what Veronica hoped, at least. If she wasn't already dead, that is. She never considered asking.]

This isn't a joke, by the way. So if you suddenly got any of her pokemon, that's why.

That's all.

[...Damn. Actually, no it wasn't. While that unusually upsetting topic rolled through her mind, another nagging thought grabbed on. She frowned, paused for a short minute-- it was something she'd thought about for a while, so she might as well ask, as long as she was on the Pokegear.]

[Private text to Botan]

Hey, is it okay if I leave Goldenrod for a little while?
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[It's pretty darn late. It was basically midnight, and apparently someone got the idea that it would be fun to broadcast a video. Oh well, maybe it's fun?

It was dark, though. Wherever the video screen pointed almost nothing was visible, only the darkness and shadows elongated by the light coming from the Pokegear screen. A light, almost impish laughter could be heard from behind the screen, though. So that meant someone, or something was obviously controlling this.

And then, it moves, very quickly, everything in the gear's view blurs together until it finally settles and is set down some distance away, which finally shows something that's visible, and not darkness and shadows: Veronica. The trainer was fast asleep on a couch underneath a blanket, cuddling three Pokemon because that was almost the norm in this world. A young looking Mareep, curled up into a ball of fluff at her legs. A Ralts, cuddling into the crook of one of her arms. And a Happiny, that seemed to be differently colored, in her other arm. All of them looked quite content at the moment.

At least, until Wicked G poked his head into the frame, obscuring the frame for just a moment with his wide grin. He was followed shortly by 2shade, who seemed just as excited as her brother at what they were scheming up.

Both of them here holding markers in their hands.

Wicked G waved it at his trainer like a conductor's baton, explaining something in pokemon speak before it was obscured by his infectious laughter. He floated over to his trainer and removed the cap from the marker while 2shade kept her eye on the Pokegear.

Maybe someone should do something. Maybe.
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[Winter was here. Each day the outside world grew colder and colder. More snow fell on the streets, and Veronica could already see decorations being set up around Goldenrod, giving everything a much more festive look.

Christmas was coming, and it confused Veronica, for several reasons. Many questions had been raised for her: Where was she going to spend the holiday season? Where was she going to get presents for her friends? Did she have to spend time with her friends? Did she even have friends here in the first place?

These questions clouded her mind all day, and she was unable to shake them off. Clearly, there was only one way to fix this.

The anonymous function on her pokegear had almost never been touched until now. Veronica almost didn't know what she was doing before it started working and she was able to type out her questions.

If you were going to get someone that had done a lot of good deeds for you a gift, what kind of gift would it be? Expensive? Hand-made?

Second, how would you give it to them?

Third... what do people normally do here, around this time of the year? I'm still new here, and I don't normall... celebrate Christmas..

[She almost leaves it at that, although something tugs at her that makes her keep typing.]

Also, has anyone seen a woman named Adorea around Goldenrod? I'm looking all over for her.
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[The first change Veronica noticed was in her hands, specifically the tips of her fingers. The needles; the ones that injected the paralyzing poison that also fought regenerative effects. They were back, sticking out of the tips of her scarred fingers just enough to be noticeable if you were looking right at them.

Everything was back. Her eyes were seeing in infrared again, her muscles were already feeling stronger. The urge to just... jump up and down with joy was not one Veronica felt before, but dammit all if she wasn't excited about this.

She had to get out.

Everything seemed brighter somehow, as she walked down paths and streets, feeling what little snow there currently was crunching underneath her boots. It wasn't that cold, she had her cloak on. She didn't care about it anyways, she was too happy about this.

She wanted to do so much. Breathe fire, jump off a building and land unharmed, fight with any foe and come out on top.

But, for now, she'd settle for slicing through the trees that dotted the random routes like they were butter with the multiple swords the poked out from under her cloak. She'd also even do a little training with her Pokemon. Sword fighting with her Honedge, some hand-to-hand combat with Greninja. They seemed just as happy to see Veronica in such high spirits.

There was also an urge, almost overwhelming, to fight someone. She missed doing that, and there was no way that she'd let this moment go to waste.
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[It's morning, and from the position of the screen, it's clear that it's outside somewhere. It's zoomed in on a terribly scarred hand. In the palm of said hand, is a badge. It stays focused on the badge for a few seconds before the hand then moves away; the screen moved away with it, blurring out until it finally settles on Veronica's semi-happy face.

Considering how her last few posts had been her resenting the world around her, and suffering because of it, this was a step up.

So, everyone is after these badges, huh? Frankly, I'm surprised how much I had to go through to get it. A few of my Pokémon ended up fainting...

[She continued to look the bad over for a second, and it almost looks like she's about to say something else until something peculiar happens. Veronica's cheeks are abruptly squished, the corners of her lips pushed up by invisible fingers to make it look as though she was smiling more than she was.

Sufficed to say, she is very surprised by this. So, obviously the right thing to do in this situation is to struggle against whatever had her by the face. To the viewers, at least, the answer comes when a set of floating eyes appear behind Veronica's head, looking straight at the screen for a second until a full, purple body forms around them. It was 2shade, one of her new ghost Pokémon. She giggles childishly and finally lets go of her new trainer, floating around her. Come on, new trainer! Smile because you did something good!

...O-oh. Two-shade. [Veronica released a breath. There was never going to be a time where she'd be complete okay with having more ghost Pokémon.]

Anyways... I managed to get the badge, but I don't know how I can get that Hidden machine people talk about. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or one I could borrow, I suppose.
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[There's no video from Veronica this time, just a text.]

what's with this cave. why are there so many bats everywhere?! they just keep coming!!

[Judging from the text, she appears to be in a cave somewhere, and is having her first experience with the horrors that lay within that ever trainer must face eventually.

Cave Pokémon

everything! everything in here is attacking me!
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[Veronica looks like she's in a hurry, the screen jerking and shaking as she moves. The only sound for most of the video was Veronica's breathing, quick and hard, the sound accented by a chorus of animals.

It's about a minute and a half before the screen stops shaking, eventually settling and showing that Veronica had taken refuge underneath a tree. Her Pokémon were nowhere to be seen, save for Ako, who landed on her shoulder a moment after. A few seconds pass before Veronica finally says,

It's happened again. There's Pokémon... Pokémon falling from the sky!

[Heavy rustling of branches draws her attention upward briefly.]

But, it's not the Pokémon from yesterday. This is different.

[Her confusion and surprise mixed with annoyance.] Does this happen often? Because it's a pain.

[More rustling from above, Ako takes off while Veronica dives out of the way, just avoiding the Furfrou that almost landed on top of her.

The feed dies.
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[Veronica's gaze was stern as she looked at the screen. There was an air of dignity around her, despite how young she looked, but that could have to do with the many scars on her face and neck, the most notable ones being the two lines that intersected across her face, making an "X". She stares down at her Pokegear with what looked to be a mixture of confusion and annoyance. This goes on for a few seconds until she finally opens her mouth to speak.]



[And that's all that's heard from her, because immediately after, the Pokegear is yanked away from her and the world becomes a blur. It's like that for a good minute or so before everything finally settles. The Pokegear is now, evidently, high up in a tree, the tiny town of New Bark sitting in the background. It's actually kind of scenic, until Veronica appeared, having climbed up quickly to retrieve her device.

She swats at the Murkrow that took it, leading to a brief scuffle before the bird Pokémon takes flight, letting her finally get the Pokegear back. She is notably less dignified than before as she finally starts talking.

...This is ridiculous, all of it. [Annoyance in her tone barely contained.] Why do I have to go on this journey? Why is this even happening?

[The Murkrow from before caws loudly in the background, getting a flinch out of Veronica. She glances back, letting out a sigh and finally killing the feed.]

IC Contact

Aug. 4th, 2014 07:29 pm
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"This is Veronica Madaraki. I can't answer the phone right now, but leave a message, I guess."

[Quiet, right before the recording stops] "What's the point of this..."


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